Teen gets temporary £9 Mike Tyson tattoo on his face - burns leave him with embarrassing scar

Dunia Dalam Berita |
A teenager who make a trip to Zante has been left scarred for "three to five years" after getting a temporary tattoo at there.

James Colley , 18 , decided on a copy of Mike Tyson's famous face tattoo - which also features in the film The Hangover Part II when a drunk character makes an ill-informed decision to get inked.
James , from Cardiff , wasn't as committed as Tyson (or Stuart from The Hangover) and opted for a henna tattoo which would easily wash off instead.

But he claims the ink from the henna burned into his skin , leaving him with a disfiguring scar down the side of his face.

The tat set him back €10 , which equates to about £8.91.

James shared photos of his tattoo and the burn on Twitter , saying: "Got a €10 @ MikeTyson henna tattoo in Zante , it's only gone and scarred my face for the next 3-5 years! # happydays."
His tweet quickly racked up more than 14 ,000 retweets and 44 ,000 likes.

And kind-hearted people tried to make him feel better about the situation.

One replied: "It actually looks even cooler than the henna tatoo. Enjoy it. Since there's no other way..."

Others started sharing their own pictures of burns from henna - including the Nando's logo.